Autor: David Tscholl , 16.05.2012

At facilities such as the Canate power plant, the protection of the valuable drinking water must be given the highest possible priority. At Canate, the engineers use the tried-and-tested Panolin HLP SYNTH.

Unlikely as it is, if an accident should ever occur, at least Genoa’s drinking water would be protected from toxic impurities, thanks to the use of the environmentally safe oil.

Every second up to 2,000 litres of pure drinking water keep gushing through the two-jet turbine in the Canate facility, where the Genoa’s main drinking water stream is also used to generate electricity for the city. Once it has passed the turbine stage, the water is purified and processed to be used as drinking water. Numerous safety protection measures are in place to keep the valuable water supply safe. One of these safety measures is the use of a high-quality hydraulic oil, which meets the highest standards in terms of biodegradability and low toxicity: Panolin HLP SYNTH.

Within around thirty years, Panolin HLP SYNTH has become the world’s leading high-performance hydraulic fluid, offering superior quality in terms of environmental safety and economic efficiency. The oil, which is produced from saturated ester compounds, provides a usage time between four and five times that of mineral oils. Several notable environmental labels and awards confirm the proven high quality of the Swiss-made bio oil. In Genoa, this environmentally considerate lubricant represents an essential part of the drinking water safety concept.

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