Autor: Andreas Pointinger , 18.01.2021

SWM, Munich’s public utilities company, plans to make one of its run-of-river power plants available to help produce hydrogen for the ‘HyBayern’ project.

As reported on the Energate website, PEM electrolysis infrastructure producing roughly 3 MW is to be installed at the Uppenborn 1 power station on the River Isar. The original run-of-river power plant went into operation in 1939 and produces around 25 MW. With the support of the Uppenborn 1 turbines, this should facilitate the production of around 450 tons of hydrogen per year. Energate explains that HyBayern provided the inspiration for the project to serve as a model for green, decentralised hydrogen supplies and enable emission-free mobility in Bavaria. During a call for bids issued by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, the districts of Munich, Landshut and Ebersberg successfully applied for €20 million of subsidisation.

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The Isar Uppenborn 1 plant is expected to produce green hydrogen for clean mobility in Bavaria in the very near future.

photo credit: Wikimedia / SWM