KONcAR Group: A century of excellence, innovation, and uncompromising quality

Autor: Roland Gruber , 11.10.2021

On January 24, 1921, a small workshop destined for great achievements began its history. On its hundred-year journey filled with persistence and determination to achieve excellence, ...

... this small workshop has become the regional leader in electrical industry and rail solutions, known today as KONČAR Group. In a century of continuous commitment, thousands of successful projects and one unbending value – uncompromising quality, KONČAR has grown into a globally recognized symbol of innovation and development. Today, its products and solutions are present in more than 130 markets worldwide, reaffirming excellence and trust.

KONČAR’s impressive portfolio consists of a multitude of successful projects and top-notch products that have been delivered to all continents. As a result, KONČAR today is one of the largest Croatian exporters and identified as the driver of industrial development in Croatia. Since establishment KONČAR has partially or completely manufactured or revitalized 700 generators, 375 hydropower plants and tens of thousands of substations globally. The company has realized remarkable results in 2020 showing agility and strength in the face of unpredicted pandemic of the novel virus.

A year to remember
While many of the world's largest economies will remember 2020 as one of the most uncertain and challenging years in the recent history, it represents a year of progress and historic breakthroughs for KONČAR. With green and digital solutions in focus, the company is moving forward on the path to sustainability. One of the most important projects is certainly the solar power plant on the island of Vis, at present the largest of its kind in Croatia. Involved throughout the duration of the project, KONČAR was in charge of obtaining all necessary permits, preparation of project documentation and turnkey construction of the plant, more specifically, through delivery of equipment, construction and electrical works and finally connection of the power plant to the substation. This year KONČAR will in­stall a battery storage facility at the same location, bringing the island one step closer to self-sufficiency.
Last year KONČAR went ahead with advancing the transformers segment, delivering the largest instrument transformers the company has ever manufactured and among the largest transformers of that kind in the world, in terms of voltage level and power output. This achievement is even greater when taking into account that the buyer is one of the strategically most important power companies in the United States. KONČAR also signed a new two-year contract for the supply of transformers for a German power company. The contract signing was preceded by a demanding prequalification process, involving the use of state-of-the-art technical and technological solutions in order to comply with the demanding EU regulations. The technical design underwent required specific enhancements in line with eco-design requirements, imposing a reduction on transformer losses.
KONČAR amplified activities on its top markets, such as Austria and Germany. Contracting in the hydro segment produced great results in 2020, including 4 large hydro generator revitalizations for the European market, some of which will be the biggest and most demanding revitalizations recently carried out by KONČAR. The company regularly delivers similar projects to the Scandinavian market and many other remote markets such as Indonesia. Significant projects in 2020 include the completion of hydro power plant in Kenya with the commissioning of the third unit as well the completion of two contracts that included the delivery of a horizontal synchronous generator to Finland and three vertical synchronous generators to the Philippines.    

Sophisticated goals for the future
KONČAR strives to advance its global presence of successful projects and solutions with a forward-looking agenda, as it has for the past century, with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. Looking ahead, the main goal of KONČAR is to further strengthen its power engineering portfolio and its role in the development and delivery of proprietary technological and digital solutions. This specifically refers to renewables – hydro, solar and wind energy, with the aim of further growing its global presence.

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HE Zakucac web2


The Zakucac hydropower plant in Croatia has four machine sets with a total output of 488 MW. The installed generators come from the Croatian manufacturer KONCAR.

photo credits: Koncar

SE Vis web


KONCAR also proves its expertise in the photovoltaic sector: Croatia's largest PV power plant has been built on the island of Vis.

photo credits: Koncar

HE Brezice web


The Brezice power plant on the Lower Sava has a nominal output of 47.4 MW. The three machine groups are designed for a flow rate of 500 m3 / s.

photo credits: Koncar