power station on the enns river to be fully refurbished

Autor: Roland Gruber , 08.11.2021

Since 1995 hydropower plant St Pantaleon on the Enns river in Austria has been generating 239 mio. kWh of energy p.a.. This makes it one of the most powerful facilities operated by Ennskraft.

The two installed hydropower machines have their water supplied via a 6 km headrace channel. One of the two machines is equipped with a single-phase generator that is dedicated exclusively to providing energy for the ÖBB (Austrian Railways). After more than 55 years it is now time to replace both machines. The complete rehabilitation includes the refurbishment of the generators along with the refurbishment of the entire control and automation equipment and the energy output system. The runners will also be replaced. The runners are designed by Voith Hydro and cast by Voestalpine Traisen. Taken together, these measures will increase the energy output enough to supply an additional 1,200 households.

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PA Ausheben Stator web2


Completion of the total refurbishment of the St Pantaleon power plant is scheduled for spring 2023. The picture shows the large generator stator being lifted out.

photo credits: Ennskraft