Autor: Andreas Pointinger , 04.01.2021

The 246 MW Zaramagskaya power station in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, in the Russian Federation, was inaugurated at the start of February in the presence of numerous illustrious politicians and entrepreneurs.

The power plant built on the River Ardon in the northern Caucasus can produce a stable power output of 840 GWh, making it the third most powerful hydropower plant in northern Caucasus region. The plant’s flexibility enables it to provide cover in periods of peak grid usage. Instead of building a dam the plant used a 14 km diversion tunnel, the longest of its kind in Russia. At the heart of the plant are the two largest Pelton turbines in the country; these are used to exploit a gross head of 609 m. The significant power output boost and controllability enhancement enable the plant to increase the reliability of power supplies in the region.

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Rushydro KW Zaramagskaya 1 20 web2


The new Zaramagskaya 1 plant was built on the River Ardon in the North Caucasian Federal District

photo credits: Rushydro